Media coverage roundup: FIRE supports due process gains in proposed Title IX regulations

November 20, 2018

Major new proposed Title IX regulations from the Department of Education last week continue to dominate higher education news coverage. FIRE has long advocated for many of these rules, which would make adjudicating campus sexual misconduct complaints fairer for both complainants and the accused.

Major media outlets have been turning to FIRE to explain what the news means and why it’s so important.

Here’s an alphabetical roundup of some news outlets where FIRE is helping shape coverage.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Associated Press

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Chronicle of Higher Education


Inside Higher Ed

Los Angeles Times


NBC News

NPR, All Things Considered

NPR, Morning Edition

Pacific Standard

Politico (11/16)

Politico (11/19)


United Press International

The Wall Street Journal

The Washington Post

We’ll continue to update this post with the latest coverage as it unfolds.

For more on Friday’s major Title IX news, see FIRE’s full statement, and read our in-depth analyses of why the federal government’s prior approach to Title IX enforcement didn’t work, why the new proposed changes show promise, and a response to recent criticisms of the Department of Education’s proposed Title IX guidelines.