A Free-Speech Conference Inflamed Racial Tension at Yale University and Drew Protesters

November 10, 2015

By Abby Jackson at Business Insider

Yale University has been in upheaval since two racially charged incidents occurred on Halloween weekend.

On Friday, tensions on the New Haven, Connecticut, campus continued to escalate when students protested a William F. Buckley Jr. conference on free speech, The Yale Daily News reports.

Greg Lukianoff, the president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, spoke at the event.

He spurred the protest with a comment he made about students who spoke out against an email Silliman College Associate Master Erika Christakis sent supporting students' right to wear offensive Halloween costumes.

“Looking at the reaction to [Silliman College Associate Master] Erika Christakis’ email, you would have thought someone wiped out an entire Indian village,” Lukianoff said, according to a student who attended the event.

A student at the conference posted the comment to the "Overheard at Yale" Facebook group during the event, leading to an impromptu gathering of a group of Native American women and other students of color outside the building where it was held, according to YDN...

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