A Smoking Gun on Solomon: Christie’s Court Pick Pushed Mandatory Preschool

June 16, 2014

By Paul Mulshine at NJ.com

Maybe this is another joke, like that dance he did with Jimmy Fallon.

I’m talking about Chris Christie’s nomination of Lee Solomon to the state Supreme Court.

That nomination will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday afternoon. But on Monday morning I heard something from a key Republican senator on that committee that calls the governor’s entire judicial strategy into question.

It seems that as a legislator Solomon endorsed the very approach to school-funding that the governor has spent the last six years claiming to oppose.

When it comes to judicial appointments, the governor has stated over and over again that he wants to appoint a court majority that will end the court’s tradition of activism in such key areas as the Abbott school-funding cases and the Mount Laurel zoning cases...