Administrator’s Defending Student Free Speech is Apparently Reason to Remove the Administrator, According to Some Yale Students

November 7, 2015

By Eugene Volokh at The Washington Post

Student dorms at Yale have resident faculty members, who live in the dorm with their families. (I should note for the record Yale’s view that these are “[f]ar more than dormitories” and “have been called ‘little paradises.'”) “The master is the chief administrative officer and the presiding faculty presence in each residential college,” “responsible for the physical well being and safety of students in the residential college, as well as for fostering and shaping the social, cultural, and educational life and character of the college.” “During the year, he or she hosts lectures, study breaks (especially during finals), and Master’s Teas — intimate gatherings during which students have the opportunity to engage with renowned guests from the academy, government, or popular culture...

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