After Being Called Out, College Seems to Have Revised Speech Code

April 24, 2015

By Bob Kellogg at OneNewsNow

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has dubbed a Florida school as having the “Speech Code of the Month” because of the school’s outrageous restriction on free speech.

Florida A&M’s Student Code of Conduct, among other things, forbids the “use of profanity” and the use of “insulting” language. FIRE’s Samantha Harris says she’s now finding an updated version of the policy on FAMU’s website which is not blatantly unconstitutional.

“The old policy is still available in some places on their site, so it’s sort of unclear,” she tells OneNewsNow. “I’d like to get some clarification from them about which policy is governing.

“But it may be the case that being named for Speech Code of the Month prompted them to realize they have an outdated version of the code on their site. So I’m hopeful that this policy, as bad as it is, has now maybe been revised.”

Harris says Florida A&M is just one out of a myriad schools around the country with speech-code problems.

“You know at FIRE we have a litigation project that has been successfully encouraging students to stand up for their rights in court,” she shares. “The problem is too many universities are allowed to get away with this, which is why they keep doing it.”

FIRE encourages those who feel there is a problem with the speech code at their university or college to contact them.

Schools: Florida A&M University