Bible ban puts policy in national spotlight

November 20, 2005

The voice mail was hard to decipher, especially since it was made by a friend holding his phone up to a radio.

The friend told Lance Steiger that his fight with the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire had made it to the national airwaves — the Rush Limbaugh show, no less.

"I hadn't thought it would be a national story like this," Steiger said.

"It" is a campus controversy that began this summer and has ballooned to involve university officials, national media and a U.S. congressman.

It started when a school official wrote Steiger over summer break and told him that he could no longer lead his weekly Bible study meetings in his dorm. As a resident assistant and state employee, he was prohibited from leading or organizing religious meetings, partisan political soirées or any type of sales event. For an RA to organize these events, the administrator wrote, could alienate residents on the hall...

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