Big Data Comes under Scrutiny – Facebook Looking for Younger Users – Commencement Protests Soar

May 30, 2014

By Stephanie Simon at Politico

BIG DATA UNDER THE MICROSCOPE: Online learning has exploded in both K-12 and higher education. And the more students click away, the more personal information they reveal — not just about what they know, but about how they think and learn. A conference opening this weekend in California aims to tackle the ethical, technological and academic questions raised by all that data. The workshop, which runs June 1 through 4, brings together sociologists, computer scientists, lawyers, researchers and others to explore the risks and benefits of collecting, storing and mining all the data students shed while engaging in digital learning. The focus will be on MOOCs, but the findings will likely be applicable to the K-12 environment  too...

Cases: Nationwide: Colleges Across the Country Disinvite Commencement Speakers