Brandeis professor under fire for description of racial epithet

January 24, 2008

A longtime Brandeis University professor says he’s the victim of “vindictive persecution” by school administrators.

It comes after he was found in violation of the university’s nondiscrimination policy for describing a racist word in one of his classes.

Politics professor Donald Hindley has taught at the Waltham school for 47 years.

He had a monitor placed in his class after he told students in his Latin American politics class that Mexican migrants are sometimes referred to pejoratively as “wetbacks.”

That’s according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which is aiding his case.

A student complained to the administration, which found Hindley made statements that were “inappropriate, racial, and discriminatory.”

The foundation claims Hindley’s free speech rights were violated and his academic freedom encroached.

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