Breadth of wording simply absurd

February 20, 2006

But Penn has its own absurd rules.

Take a look at the University's Sexual Harassment Handbook. It's easy to see that the number of absurd policies on hand is striking.

The policy begins innocently enough saying people cannot engage in "unwelcome and inappropriate sexually based behavior."

But it continues: "Sexual harassment can be exhibited using three types of behaviors -- verbal, non-verbal behaviors and gestures and physical contact." These include behaviors such as:

Kors is a vehement defender of First Amendment rights and chairman and cofounder of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, and his position on Penn's sexual harassment policy is clear.

"The policy that the administration is now trying to revive is literally the worst of any serious, let alone major, university in the nation," he said. "It demeans and injures students and faculty, infantilizing them all. Look at the 'examples...

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