Bucknell should embrace free speech as Lehigh University does

October 20, 2009

It pains me to say it, but I owe Lehigh University an apology.

You see, I went to Bucknell. We're rivals, you know. So as a proud member of the Bucknell family, I've considered it my job to make occasional fun of our nemesis in Bethlehem.

When I was in school, I even owned a T-shirt that said: ''Lehigh: Because not everyone can get into Bucknell.'' Sophomoric, I know. But then again, I was a sophomore.

Now, I'm taking it back. I'm sorry, Lehigh. The reason is the First Amendment.

The First Amendment protects our right to, among other things, freedom of speech. It's not something a private university like Bucknell or Lehigh has to obey -- it binds the government, not private entities -- but it is something we should all respect, and even revere...

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