Cal Poly Pomona Reaches Settlement With Student Over Free Speech Rights

July 23, 2015

By Carla Rivera at LA Times

Cal Poly Pomona has agreed to strengthen campus free speech policies after reaching a settlement with a student who sued when he was restricted from handing out literature promoting a vegan diet.

In the settlement announced Thursday, the college said it has revised policies to ensure that free speech activities such as protests and leafleting are not limited to a single designated area and do not require advance permits.

In addition, university police and staff in the Office of Student Life and Culture Centers will receive training on free speech guarantees.

The college also agreed to pay student Nicolas Tomas $35,000 in damages and attorney's fees.

Tomas, a 24-year-old nutrition major and animal rights activist, sued the Cal State university in March alleging that the school violated his 1st Amendment rights when police and administrators prevented him from handing out fliers near a parking structure and required him to obtain permits and badges...

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