California, A University Student Sued the School Violated the Freedom of Speech

April 9, 2015

Note: The original version of this article was written in Chinese. The translation was provided below by Google Translate.

By Guo Jian at US China Press

[ Press Network compiled Zhang Yang April 9] According to the report, “Conte La Costa Times” (Contra Costa Times) 10 reported that the California Polytechnic University Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona) a student of the school to initiate proceedings. Previously, he was told, in the school campus political speech can only be a small “free speech area”.

Now 24-year-old Nicolas Thomas (Nicolas Tomas) is a student at the school nutrition, the fall of 2013, when he began distributing leaflets, propaganda committed vegetarian lifestyle, farm animals being treated the way has also been condemned.

“I’m passionate about animal rights, one of the things we can do is advocate vegetarian life,” he said.

At that time he has achieved some success. According to statistics Thomas himself, within a few hours he was able to distribute hundreds of flyers. Most of his students this approach is not objectionable. But he was often blocked by managers.

Thomas said: “‘You have not been approved yet been approved if it can not distribute the flyers here?’ They asked so often.”

To solve this problem, he has in the autumn and managers had a conversation, which established a rule: must be between the Thomas Blunck school library and student center (Bronco Student Center) approximately 154 square feet of lawn distribute his leaflets.

“I said: ‘I think it’s unconstitutional, a violation of my freedom of speech’.” He said, but school administrators refused to negotiate with him.

After that, February 4 in the morning, when Thomas school administration building CLA (CLA administrative building) to distribute flyers, campus police intervention.

The result is Thomas must be limited in their actions within the designated area 154 square feet, and wear-related badges issued by the school, to prove that he was authorized.

In studying this incident, Thomas found the educational rights of individuals Foundation (the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, referred to as FIRE), which is a non-profit organization aimed at preserving free speech campus.


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