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Campus rape accusations an obvious outcome at progressive college (Column)

April 29, 2013

I recently read that the people who run Swarthmore College, one of America's most progressive, diverse and elite educational institutions are covering up sex crimes against their female students.

Can this be true? And if so, who do these college administrators think they are? The Catholic Church?

A formal complaint has been lodged against the school for failing to report numerous sex crimes on campus as the administration is required to do by federal law.

That law is the Clery Act, and Mia Ferguson, class of 2015, says Swarthmore is in direct violation of it. And she isn't the only one.

Ms. Ferguson called a press conference to say she herself was the victim of a sexual assault on campus. Though she didn't go into details, she said she "reached out to multiple employees of the college, and reported my sexual assault to two people who were both legally required to file reports, but neither followed the protocol and both failed to report the crime...

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