Catholic University Notre Dame Loses Fight To Keep Out Pro-Family Student Group

October 30, 2014

By Bob Kellogg at One News Now

Even though many students were vehemently opposed, Notre Dame University has finally approved a campus group that promotes traditional marriage.

For months Notre Dame University refused to recognize the group Students for Child-oriented Policy because they said the organization was redundant with other organizations on campus.

Robert Shibley of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education says it took very little research to show other campus groups shared little in common with SCOP.

“And this was really just a pretense in order to ensure that they didn’t make the students who were opposed to the group even angrier,” Shibley tells OneNewsNow.

In fact, a story in The Irish Rover student newspaper from April reported that students had produced a “Declaration of Grievances” against SCOP.

Notre Dame is “commited to the pursuit of truth, and SCOP is obscuring the truth in a way that ignores empirical reality and inhibits justice,” the protesting students wrote.

second story, published October 10, revealed it was the Club Coordination Council that rejected SCOP as a campus group. SCOP supposedly “overlapped” with a Catholic club known as Orestes and the Children’s Defense Fund, a left-wing organization.

Because Notre Dame is a nonpublic institution, Shibley says the school is free to engage in viewpoint discrimination.

“But they’re not free to engage in a way that’s deceptive,” Shibley explains, which is what FIRE alleged the university was doing.

Encouraged by FIRE to apply again, Students for Child-oriented Policy finally received recognition from the university last month.

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