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Celebrating First Amendment freedoms

By April 9, 2009

Charges filed against the Republicans stated they created a "hostile environment."

Some students witnessing the act reported they were offended and filed a complaint against the Republicans.

The Republicans contacted the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, better known as FIRE, for help in defending their First Amendment rights.

College administrators at SFSU were ignoring that it is legal free speech to burn or desecrate religious or political symbols, said Luke Sheahan, director of FIRE's campus freedom network at a lecture on Eastern's campus on Monday.

The Republicans at SFSU won their case, thanks in part to help from FIRE.

FIRE has existed for 10 years and won over 100 cases, Sheahan said.

On its Web site, FIRE lists universities across the nation that violate First Amendment rights in one way or another, and Eastern is on that list with a "red light" warning - a classification for schools that "both clearly and substantially" restrict free speech... Download file "5"

Schools: Eastern Kentucky University