Censorship on Michigan’s College Campuses Must Stop

By November 4, 2014

By Catherine Sevcenko at The Huffington Post

Recently two Michigan colleges were exposed trying to censor students.

First, Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) directed that all communications with the media be routed through the communications office, including requests from the student paper -- even if they wanted to interview other students. Even more discouraging than the fact administrators would want to "control the story" on a college campus -- a place dedicated (in theory anyway) to the free exchange of ideas -- was the reaction of the student government. According to the school's paper, theCollegiate, the Student Alliance president thought that it made sense for the communication department to make sure the college was only portrayed in a favorable light. She found the rules to be fair because "[a]s a student I need to trust that the rules are in place for a reason...

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