College Discipline For Serious Crimes Questioned

December 20, 2014

By Kelly Cernetich at The Washington Times

ALTOONA, Pa. (AP) - Years ago, a student accused of cheating or plagiarism would likely appear before a student dean or disciplinary board for punishment.

Now, students accused of offenses - including drug possession, theft, even sexual assault - may face that same board for a suspension or expulsion.

Local college officials maintain that the boards try and usually succeed in making the right decision.

But in the wake of a November magazine article that skewered a southern college for failing to act on allegations of gang rape, some have called into question a college's ability to fairly adjudicate serious crimes.

Getting a handle on alcohol

Unsurprisingly, the majority of criminal cases on local college campuses are drinking offenses.

Data from the private institutions of Juniata College, Mount Aloysius College and Saint Francis University, as well as the public ones of the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown and both Penn State's University Park and Altoona campuses, show liquor arrests and disciplinary referrals for liquor violations outnumber all other cases...

Schools: Pennsylvania State University – University Park