College Faces Lawsuit After Refusing to Recognize a Conservative Club

October 19, 2015

By Peter Fricke at College Reform 

Moriah DeMartino, a student at Hagerstown Community College, is suing the school for refusing to let her establish a conservative student group on campus, Hypeline reports.

“There is a lack of consistency on campus when it comes to student organizations,” DeMartino told Hypeline. “I believe in fighting for my beliefs and my rights as an American.”

In August, Campus Reform broke the story that HCC administrators had denied DeMartino’s request to establish a Turning Point USA chapter at the school, telling her that the club would “duplicate the purpose and mission of existing clubs,” but paradoxically suggesting that it could be established if a liberal-leaning club were to be created simultaneously...

Cases: Hagerstown Community College: Political Clubs Denied Freedom of Association