College in Mississippi Withdraws Penalties Against Student Who Swore

July 28, 2010

A community college in Mississippi has dropped penalties against a student for using a profanity after learning he had received a poor grade on a tardy assignment. The student, Isaac Rosenbloom, said in an interview that Hinds Community College sent a letter on Tuesday stating that he would “not suffer any future consequences” related to the March 29 incident.

Mr. Rosenbloom and a few other students had remained after a speech class one day to discuss their grades with the instructor, Barbara Pyle. Upon seeing that he had received a score of 74 on the late assignment, Mr. Rosenbloom testified in a recorded disciplinary hearing that he turned to a classmate and said, “This grade is going to [expletive] up my entire GPA.” He said the instructor had told him his language was unacceptable and ordered him to detention.

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