College Republicans Demoted at Two Religious Universities

July 1, 2009

By Kelley Beaucar Vlahos at

It's hard enough to be a Republican on most campuses these days. Now it's hard even being a member of the Republican Club at two of America's most conservative colleges -- because the clubs have been demoted.

Liberty University in Virginia, which banned its College Democratic club in May for holding positions on abortion and gay marriage that were contrary to its conservative Christian values, recently de-listed its College Republican club as well.

And in a similar move, Brigham Young University at Idaho, a school run by the Mormon Church, demoted both its Republican and Democratic clubs to informal status.

While no one questions that a private university has the legal right to ban political speech on campus, the moves have been subject to criticism -- particularly, in these cases, from conservatives who say that campuses that espouse conservative social values should not be barring Republican clubs...