College Speech Codes Stifle Free Thought

April 14, 2015

By Heather Yakin at Times Herald- Record

Free speech is something I took for granted when I went away to college.

I mean, I didn't spend my times running rampant to spew stupid, hateful stuff just because the college had a laissez-faire speech policy, but students felt comfortable expressing their opinions.

Now, the college trend seems to be heading toward repressing speech, on the basis that stupid, offhand comments are microaggressions that hurt others.

All sorts of people say stupid or racist or sexist or ableist (negative toward disabilities), or a whole range of other "ists" all the time.

Some of them mean it; some of them are just unaware.

Instead of encouraging students to discuss it, Ithaca College’s student government has recommended creating an online system to report microaggressions (statements by someone from a privileged group that belittle or denigrate a person of a nonprivileged group based on race, ethnic origin, gender, etc.)...