College Students: Yes, You can Limit our Speech

October 29, 2015

By Bob Unruh at

A new poll indicates half of the college students in America approve of limits on their speech and the speech of their professors.

And even more say their schools should actively monitor the speech of speakers who come to campus and believe some should be banned.

The stunning results, which give the impression that America is more restrictive than its Constitution allows, come from a new study from Yale University’s William F. Buckley Jr. program.

The results are disturbing, says the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which was created to “defend and sustain” individual rights on higher education campus.

The organization focuses on due process, religious liberty, sanctity of conscience, legal equality and free speech.

“At first glance, some of the findings seem to bode well for campus free speech. For example, 95 percent of the 800 college students surveyed said that campus free speech is important to them, and almost nine in ten (87 percent) agreed that there is educational value in listening to and understanding views and opinions that they may disagree with and are different from their own,” FIRE reported...

Schools: Yale University