Coming attractions

By December 12, 2007

A student advocacy group reports an administrator at the University of Florida has backed down after demanding an apology from a students showing a movie about radical Islam. Several student groups advertised a screening of a film called “Obsession—Radical Islam’s War Against the West.” On the fliers was the phrase—“Radical Islam wants you dead.”

Florida vice president for student affairs Patricia Telles-Irvin e-mailed all students and said the groups owe the campus, and particularly Muslim students, an apology.

But the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education quickly reminded Telles-Irvin that the flier was unquestionably protected free speech under the constitution.

A week later, Telles-Irvin wrote a second e-mail—assuring students of their right to—“freely express themselves on any issue”—and saying there would be no disciplinary action against the groups.

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Schools: University of Florida