Court Revives First Amendment Suit on Facebook Post

January 14, 2015

By Inside Higher Ed at Inside Higher Ed

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit revived a lengthy First Amendment lawsuit against Valdosta State University on Monday, reversing a lower court's 2010 dismissal of the case. Hayden Barnes sued Valdosta State in 2008 after he was expelled for protesting the university's plan to build two parking garages with $30 million in student fees. The university said at the time that it considered a collage of images Barnes posted to his Facebook page, as well as a misinterpreted video contest slogan calling on students to "shoot it," to be a direct threat to the safety of Ronald Zaccari, the university's president. The collage featured photographs of a parking garage, Zaccari, and a bulldozer, as well as the words "No Blood for Oil...

Schools: Valdosta State University