CU policy on violence may require mental screenings

August 1, 2007

If University of Colorado students or employees make violent threats, they may be required to go through a mental-health screening, according to a newly approved school policy.

CU officials on Tuesday notified students by e-mail of new rules to prevent campus violence. The rules come in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech massacre, as well as a subsequent series of crimes and a threat on the Boulder campus.

“The administration felt that there were enough incidents to visit the issues of student violence and really get ahead of this,” CU spokesman Bronson Hilliard said.

The April 16 Virginia Tech massacre—the nation’s deadliest shooting rampage—left 33 people dead, including the student gunman, Seung-Hui Cho.

The next day, CU officials suspended student Max Karson from class and arrested him after he said as part of a heated classroom discussion that he was “angry enough to kill.” A ruling from the school’s judicial affairs division allows Karson to return to the campus, recognizing that he tried to diffuse the situation when he realized his peers were uncomfortable because of what he said...

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