Down With Disinvitations

April 20, 2015

By Daniel Mael at Gatestone Institute

The idea that upholding free speech should require "spine" is a scary indication of the world that academia is nurturing.

Censorship, for some, might prevent intellectual or emotional discomfort -- but sometimes these are as essential to a real education as professors.

The thought of blocking a speaker on campus should be abhorrent to anyone who values academic freedom, free speech and the courtesy of at least listening to statements with which one might -- or might not -- agree.

Who should be allowed to speak on a university campus? This question has been the subject of debate during the last few years, especially as a growing sector of college students, faculty, alumni and other stakeholders have begun objecting to commencement speakers they say they find offensive. As that trend continued to rise, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has renamed the commencement period "Disinvitation Season...