DSU Rebranding and the False Sense of Achievement

December 13, 2015

By Dallas Hyland at The Independent

Dixie State University is trying to rebrand its image with yet another campaign to change its mascot name. However, no amount of rebranding will assuage its false sense of achievement.

The school changed its name once before from the Rebels to the Red Storm and the mascot to “Red D” in 2009. This came after a push from within the community to move away from the Rebel and the racial undertones some associated it with.

It is fair to assert this was also an attempt to make the school more appealing in light of its then aspirations to attain university status.

The new name appeared to be but a band-aid on a festering wound, as neither supporters of a disassociation with the slave-owning South or those who felt the heritage of the name was warranted were assuaged.

Alumni and long-time financial supporters alike expressed their dissatisfaction, both in sentiment and in the pulling of financial support.

However, supporters of the change did seem to think it was a step in the right direction. For them, a ubiquitous and painfully obvious question is, of course, “What is it about this school that the image needs repeated ‘rebranding?'”

According to an article in the Salt Lake Tribune, the St. George school contracted to pay Love Communications, a Salt Lake City-based consulting firm, $50,000 to pitch three candidates for a new ambassador for the campus and athletics program sometime by this December...

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