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DSU student recruits civil rights group to create Greek sorority on campus

November 30, 2013

by Zach Whitney

ST. GEORGE, Utah - A group of Dixie State University students are pushing forward with an effort to get administrators to allow a Greek sorority on campus. Now they have the backing of civil rights advocates.

Administrators denied the request by DSU senior Indigo Klabanoff earlier this year. She approached them wanting to create Phi Beta Pi, but says she was quickly shot down.

"The campus is a little bit opposed to the idea of even a club with Greek letters," says Klabanoff. "They don't want to connotate a party school image."

Since then, Klabanoff has recruited the help of the civil rights group Foundation for Individual Rights in Higher Education (FIRE). Director of Individual Rights Defense Program Peter Bonilla says its something they see happening across the country...

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