Education: Three champs

By September 10, 2012

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has become one of the foremost champions of America’s most important liberty: free speech. Almost singlehandedly, FIRE has beaten back sometimes Stalinesque restrictions on free expression at campus after campus across the country.

Recently the group issued its list of the seven best colleges for free speech in 2012. Three of the seven are Virginia institutions: James Madison, William and Mary, and the University of Virginia. The commonwealth should applaud all three institutions and take pride in their defense of the rights of students and faculty alike.

Other Virginia institutions, however, still have work to do. Among those with problematic restrictions on free expression are two of the largest: Virginia Tech and George Mason. You can read all the details at We suggest that you do — and then contact the schools with a few pointed questions, such as: Why do they find the mere expression of viewpoints so threatening?

Schools: University of Virginia The College of William and Mary James Madison University