Environment at SDSU Fosters Free Speech

August 20, 2015

By U-T Letters at The San Diego Union-Tribune

In a recent article about “free speech zones” at universities (“Free speech group eyes school policies,” Aug. 12), the U-T reported a claim that San Diego State University follows CSU system policies that are “vague and open to abuse.”

We strongly disagree with this statement. Our freedom of expression policy “supports and promotes freedom of expression and assembly throughout the campus by students, faculty, staff and the general public.” There are no specified free-speech zones at SDSU.

And, SDSU’s housing and residential education policy balances students’ safety while protecting freedom of expression.

In fact the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has confirmed to us that “SDSU’s policies on the whole are more protective of free speech than the majority of institutions we look at.”

Mark Freeman
Chair, SDSU Senate
Freedom of Expression Committee

Schools: San Diego State University