Flyers spark free speech debate at CC

April 2, 2008

Two Colorado College students are drawing criticism for posting a flyer on campus that mocked a feminist publication and, the college says, made violent references.

Chris Robinson, a senior Political Science major at Colorado College, says he and friend published "The Monthly Bag" as a joke, a parody of a Feminist and Gender Studies student publication "The Monthly Rag".

"It was a satirical journal of guy stuff," Robinson said.

However, the college didn't see it as a joke. The flyers were taken down the morning they were put up, according to Robinson. "I thought that maybe we had struck a deeper nerve than we had originally intended."

"The Monthly Bag" detailed the range of a sniper rifle and included a list of tips for using a chainsaw. The college says this violates a campus policy on violence.

However, Robinson says he's been censored. "Some viewpoints on campus are above question and others will not be allowed," he said. "There's no threat it's very obviously a satirical document."

College officials declined an interview with News First. However, the Colorado College Office of Communications says CC had no choice but to take the flyers down because they were posted just two weeks after the shootings at Northern Illinois University. They say there were obvious security concerns. Furthermore, the college says "The Monthly Bag" violates a campus policy on violence...

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