French Attacks Bring Doubts On US Free Speech

January 11, 2015

By Kevin Cullen at The Boston Globe

They opened the ballroom Saturday afternoon at what old-timers in the Back Bay still call the French Public Library, so Bostonians could gather and commiserate with the French among us.

It was a nice, simple gesture, opening the stately mansion on the corner of Marlborough and Berkeley for ordinary folks to mourn the dead in Paris.

That the French Cultural Center, which houses the library, would be located in a Victorian building, in a city settled by the English, is a poignant reminder that old enemies can become friends who deeply appreciate each other’s culture.

There is no doubt that Bostonians, in particular, can identify with a people so grievously hurt by a pair of brothers whose adherence to a murderous ideology led them to kill without compunction, who could shoot a defenseless police officer, who could wrap their justification for killing the innocent in, of all things, a religion...