From Marquette to Mizzou, Free Speech is Under Politically Correct Assault

November 12, 2015

By M.D. Kittle at Wisconsin Watchdog

MADISON, Wisc. — John McAdams remains in professional limbo at his Jesuit school.

The long-time Marquette University political science professor at the center of one of the most controversial academic freedom cases in higher education continues to wait for a faculty hearing committee’s decision on his professional fate.

Marquette has said it intends to fire McAdams because of his blog post a little over a year ago criticizing a student teacher for prohibiting a philosophy student from sharing his opposition to same-sex marriage in the class.

The faculty committee, which held a hearing into the matter in September, has 90 days to make its recommendation on whether McAdams should stay or go.

“If they say Marquette shouldn’t fire me it will be hard for Marquette to fire me although they may try to anyway,” McAdams told Wisconsin Watchdog this week on the Vicki McKenna Show, on Newstalk 1310 WIBA. “If they say Marquette can fire me, it will be easier for Marquette, although not terribly easy because, No. 1, that would create a huge amount of bad publicity for Marquette and, No. 2, they have essentially been promised a lawsuit from my lawyers...

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