From UCSB to Dartmouth: Free speech gets torn up and run over, literally

By March 21, 2014

by Greg Lukianoff at The Daily Caller

Being offended is what happens when you have your deepest beliefs challenged. And if you make it through four years of college without having your deepest beliefs challenged, you should demand your money back.

I have been saying that in speeches on campus for more than a decade. Even though the line often gets a laugh, the idea that students have a “right not to be offended” seems more entrenched on campus than ever.

Take the most recent high-profile example: At the University of California-Santa Barbara (UCSB), a professor not only seized a graphic anti-abortion sign from protesters, she got into a physical altercation with them, and then proceeded to go back to her office to destroy the sign. Now that the video of the incident has emerged and the police report has been published, things are really looking bad for professor Mireille Miller-Young: she now faces vandalism, battery, and robbery charges...

Schools: University of California, Santa Barbara