George Borjas and the perils of ‘indoctrination’

November 2, 2007

George Borjas is not surprised by a recent accusation by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education that the University of Delaware is engaging in “systematic thought reform.”

“There’s little doubt that universities are largely staffed by way-left-of-center faculty,” Borjas writes, adding that “political correctness has a stranglehold on dialogue in many fields.”

Borjas, a professor of economics and social policy at Harvard, cites his own childhood experience, growing up in revolutionary , to explain why he is “super-sensitive” to such issues. He was attending “an elite elementary Catholic school in Havana ” when Fidel Castro took over and the school was promptly shut down. Borjas spent the next year in a revolutionary school where, he says, the entire curriculum consisted of indoctrination in Marxist-Leninist ideology.

“I am certain that the blind zealotry that I saw in the young teacher’s eyes that year turned me off from that particular way of viewing the world for the rest of my life,” he writes.

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