Group faults colleges over speech issues

April 10, 2008

An organization dedicated to defending individual rights at colleges has sent a letter to the Claremont Colleges objecting to administrative responses to student speech deemed offensive.

In its March 18 letter, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education said it was concerned about the "chilling effect on free speech caused by several announcements ... in response to student expression."

The letter outlined three messages sent by college administrators in response to recent incidents.

In February, a dean at Scripps College called for a boycott of a student party at Claremont McKenna College after objecting to fliers for the event she believed were racist and sexist.

Also that month, a student at Harvey Mudd College wrote "Hillary is a foxy lesbian" on a white message board. The message, an apparent reference to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, was erased after it was discovered by administrators...

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