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HCC student says he was punished for swearing

May 18, 2010

A Hinds Community College student said that he was barred from a course and given demerits for using a four-letter word.

The incident happened March 29 after an oral communication class, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a nonprofit educational foundation to which Isacc Rosenbloom turned for help.

Instructor Barbara Pyle and a few students stayed after class to discuss the students’ grades, said FIRE. At one point, Rosenbloom, 29, said that his grade was “going to (expletive) up my entire GPA,” the group said.

Pyle yelled at him and told him that his language was unacceptable, FIRE said. She submitted a disciplinary complaint against Rosenbloom, stating “this language was not to be tolerated (and) he could not say that under any circumstances, (including in) the presence of the other students,” according to FIRE...

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