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Hell week for campus free speech

By April 2, 2009

The week is not quite over, and it's already been a lousy one for free speech on America's campuses. Yesterday, angry students at the University of Massachusetts Amherst were caught on video stealing a conservative student newspaper, while a police officer stood by and not only watched, but excused the students' behavior. A graduate student protested the attempt to steal hundreds of copies of the newspaper, explaining that the newspaper said right on its front page that only the first copy was free and every following copy was three dollars (a tactic necessitated over the years by hundreds of previous examples of newspaper thefts across the country, once even at the hands of a Berkeley mayor!). He had the papers ripped right out of his hands. You can see for yourself here... Download file "Hell week for campus free speech"

Schools: University of Massachusetts – Amherst University of Maryland – College Park