I Ask Anurima Bhargava for a Date

By May 10, 2013

by Quin Hillyer

The American Spectator


Hey, Anurima Barghava, you look sweet. Wanna go on a date?

Or maybe you’d rather charge me with sexual harassment for asking you. I hereby ask you again for a date, because, well, you know, you look sweet.

Ms. Barghava is one of the two signatories to an utterly absurd letter to the University of Montana that purports to set a national template for sexual harassment policy on college campuses. As Hans Bader explains for the Competitive Enterprise Institute (drawing heavily on a report from the indispensable FIRE), this idiotic, Orwellian, tyrannical policy by the ever-so-sweet Ms. Barghava could have the effect of making it a punishable offense to ask somebody for a date, just once. Bader writes: “In a radical departure from Title IX jurisprudence, the federal government declares that “any” unwelcome sexual speech or other conduct is “sexual harassment” regardless of whether it is severe, repeated, or pervasive, and regardless of whether it would offend a reasonable person.”

Please follow the links and read the whole thing. This administration is full of seriously twisted people with despotic tendences.

Final message to Ms. Barghava: Your place or mine?

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