Indian Group That Profited Off Drunkenness For Years Complains About Cheeky College Football Shirt

September 14, 2015

By Matt Lamb at The College Fix


College warned against wearing the dreamcatcher shirt to first game of the year

A college administrator’s public warning not to wear an offensive T-shirt at the first football game of the season now appears to have been all bluster.

The shirt depicts a popular tailgaiting spot for University of Nebraska-Lincoln games that netted its owner, a Native American community center, handsome profits for several years.

The creator of the shirt fought back against the school’s warning against wearing its wares, arguing that those who are offended are hypocrites.

The two versions of the shirt each depict bottles of beers dangling from a dreamcatcher. It reads “Indian Lot, Lincoln, Nebraska,” a reference to the Indian Center, which until last year allowed tailgaters to consume alcohol on its property in return for a tailgating fee...

Schools: University of Nebraska – Lincoln