Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates “Free Speech Is Threatened on Campus” at Yale and Online, March 1

January 26, 2016

By Jimmy Kilpatrick at Education News

In the past year, student protests have erupted at colleges nationwide. At the University of Missouri (Mizzou), protestors responding to a series of racist incidents on campus tried to block journalists from entering their encampment. At Princeton, students staged a sit-in to demand Woodrow Wilson’s name be removed from a building. At Yale University, a controversy about offensive Halloween costumes led to a lecturer’s resignation. To some, all these students are speaking out against injustice. But critics say their demands have created an atmosphere of intolerance for opposing or unpopular points of view. Are the protestors silencing free speech, or are they just trying to be heard? On Tuesday, March 1, Intelligence Squared U.S. brings its tenth year of debates to the Yale University itself for a live debate on the motion “Free Speech Is Threatened on Campus.” …

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Schools: Yale University