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Is freedom to speak, freedom to hate?

February 21, 2006

Bob Huber has close ties to skinhead groups in the region.

He operates a hate-based record label in Newark and plays guitar for a hardcore band called Teardown. He is featured in the "Skinhead Hall of Fame" on a popular white supremacist Web site. He sports racist tatoos.

And last month, with the help of the Keystone State Skinheads, he organized UPRISE 2006, a white power hardcore rock show in Southeastern Pennsylvania that drew more than 150 people.

He also taught Introductory Physics II (PHYS 202) at the university last month.

The Wilmington News Journal reported Feb. 12 that Huber, a 32-year-old doctorate candidate at the university, is a prominent figure in the regional white power movement. Officials at the Newark Police Department said Huber has been involved in white supremacist groups in the area since his teens... Download file "5"

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