Journal Entries Get Older Student Suspended From Oakland University

By February 11, 2012

ROCHESTER (WWJ) – A suspended Oakland University non-traditional student says he was kicked out for saying he found his instructors attractive.

Joseph Corlett, a 56-year-old student, wrote about his teachers in a journal he was keeping for class.

In a letter from the Dean of Students last month, Corlett was charged with Unlawful Individual Activities.

WWJ spoke with Adam Kissel, from The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, the group helping Corlett appeal the school’s decision.

"They decided they were going to keep him off campus make him get a certain amount of psychological help and not be allowed to enroll in classes for three semesters. So they abused their discretion," said Kissel.

In other journal entries, Corlett described sleeping in the nude with his gun and making a fellow female student uncomfortable when he looked up her number and called her home.

Oakland University could not be reached for comment.

Schools: Oakland University