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Making themselves heard

April 15, 2007

While Colorado State University has stated a commitment to honoring students’ freedom of expression, Seth Anthony says that many have begun to feel like they are no longer given the same rights as other Americans.

“Many students think that it is illegal to protest on campus,” Anthony says.

Which is not the case.

Anthony, his Campus Libertarians and national watchdog organization Foundation for Individual Rights in Education are calling for CSU to change several of its policies that deal with freedom of speech.

Seth Anthony of the Campus Libertarians says the university’s policies create a “chilling effect” around campus.

In a letter written to the university administration from FIRE’s Director of Legal and Public Advocacy Samantha Harris, the organization expresses its “grave concern regarding restrictive speech codes currently in place at Colorado State University” and accuses the administration of maintaining “unconstitutional restrictions on speech... Download file "Making themselves heard"

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