Maybe a Lawsuit Will Stop Old Dominion’s Tyrant from Punishing Student Speech

August 25, 2015

By Greg Piper at The College Fix

The University of Oklahoma and Old Dominion University have much in common: They are public universities with presidents who think they can legally punish students for their peaceful speech.

OK, maybe they don’t have much in common, but those similarities speak volumes about the condition of the First Amendment at taxpayer-funded institutions.

You’ve probably seen the banners hanging from an off-campus house near Old Dominion, encouraging parents to drop off their freshman daughters (and Mom) there.

Suggestive? Of course. Cheeky? Undoubtedly. (A few moms probably appreciated the come-on directed at them.) Crude? Arguably.

Saying out loud what everyone knows – that many freshmen women will undoubtedly find their way to houses like this in the next few months? Well, duh.

According to ABC affiliate 13 News Now, ODU’s Sigma Nu chapter has already been suspended by its national fraternity because four of its members live in the “rowdy and fun” house. That’s fully within the fraternity’s rights as a private organization...

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