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McCollum blasts UF over free speech

December 12, 2007

No stranger to free speech issues of late, University of Florida officials are now under fire for criticizing students who recently hung fliers on campus reading “Radical Islam Wants You Dead.”

State Attorney General Bill McCollum claims UF officials stifled free speech by asking the students who posted the fliers to apologize for offending Muslims.

In a Dec. 3 letter, McCollum accused Patricia Telles-Irvin, UF’s vice president for student affairs, of creating a “chilling effect on the free speech rights of students.” McCollum's office said as late as Tuesday that he was still unsatisfied with UF’s response to his concerns, and he has asked his staff to research any actions that he should take to ensure the UF students’ constitutional rights are protected, according to his letter... Download file "McCollum blasts UF over free speech"

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