Michelle Obama To Deliver Speech At Oberlin College, No ‘Safe Spaces’ In The Works

May 6, 2015

By Kaitlyn Schallhorn at Campus Reform

While a visit to Oberlin College from an equity feminist prompted protests, safe spaces, and ridicule, the news that First Lady Michelle Obama will give a commencement speech at the liberal arts school has been met with excitement by most.

The private school in Ohio won a video contest held by the White House in which student-produced videos revealed how the school creates college immersion experiences for high schoolers, according to a press release.

The video which propelled Oberlin to victory, according to Cleveland.com, was produced by Patrick Gilfether, a senior at the school. His final product depicted Oberlin students involved with the school’s Ninde Scholars Program—a program that gives Oberlin students the opportunity to match with students in nearby public high schools to provide them with support and collegiate services...

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