New Bill Expands Free Speech In Schools

July 16, 2015

By Devin Negrete at St. Joseph Channel, an ABC affiliate

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. A new bill signed by Governor Jay Nixon is giving college students more freedom to speak their mind.

Tuesday Governor Nixon passed the Campus Free Expression Act (CAFE ACT). The bill prohibits the restriction of speech in out-of-the-way free speech zones at all public Missouri Colleges and Universities.

"Since free speech is one of our rights you would think that when you pay to go somewhere that you have that same right," said Missouri Western student, Callie Paught.

"What this does is it puts in a law that we have to give people free speech rights on campus," said Missouri Western attorney, Tim Kissock.

Members of FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, who worked to pass the bill say one in six public colleges in the United States use free speech zones to restrict students speech. These are designated areas on campus and some have time limits. One of those schools is the University of Missouri...