New Yorker Writer Thinks ‘Speech Nuts’ Are Like ‘Gun Nuts’

August 10, 2015

By Anthony L. Fisher at Reason Online

Writing in the New Yorker, Kelefa Sanneh takes on Mary Katharine Ham and Guy Benson’s new book, End of Discussion: How the Left’s Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate, Manipulates Voters, and Makes America Less Free (and Fun), which he describes as incoherent because it “both celebrates the power of the First Amendment and mourns the kind of 'free speech free-for-all' that they, suggest, the First Amendment is powerless to protect.” Sanneh also goes after liberal Fox News pundit Kirsten Powers' book, The Silencing: How The Left is Killing Free Speech, claiming that she also "struggles to find worthy sparring partners...

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