Not trashing the news: The job of campus censors

October 27, 2013

by David Danforth

Your school is Concordia College in Fargo, North Dakota. Along with 2,810 other students, you worship at the feet of the staff mascot, Kernel Cobber, a "personified corncob" listed by Huffington Post as the country's ninth strangest mascot.

The campus surrounds a serene a bell tower. Its musical choices, from the "Twelve Days of Christmas," includes five choirs, four bands, three jazz ensembles, two orchestras, two percussion ensembles and two handbell choirs.

And one campus paper, which got itself in trouble with Powers That Be for publishing a story on drinking at campus events. It appeared the very same week that high school seniors were on campus deciding whether to become freshman Cobbers.

Episodes of censorship at campus papers come in all flavors. They affect students, faculty advisors, administrators and plenty of readers. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education listed bucolic Concordia among 10 cases it was following last week...

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